To control a SALSA telescope you must do the following:

  1. Create an account.
    NOTE: Using SALSA is completely free of charge.
  2. Book a time when to use the telescope.
    NOTE: You must be logged in to the SALSA website to be able to book a time. The booking system will display all times in your selected time zone. To change your timezone, go to My account and then "Edit". If logged in, you can view a list of your reservations here.
  3. Remotely login to control computer via your browser (or via SSH as user@[brage,vale].oso.chalmers.se) at the pages:
    Browser login for Vale
    Browser login for Brage
    NOTE: Some versions of the browser "Safari" may experience trouble (e.g. error 1006 displayed). If so, please try Firefox instead.
    NOTE: You can only login when you have booked time.
    NOTE: For logging on to the telescope control, you need your "telescope password". To view/change this, go to My account. For more details on connecting to SALSA, see the user's manual.
    NOTE: If you get an error "Connection refused" when using the browser links above, you can try to access SALSA by using the ThinLinc software described at the bottom of the software page.

Once you have logged in to the control computer, you can start a program to control the telescope, either by clicking the desktop icon "SALSA" or by typing "SALSA" in a terminal. With the control program you can do measurements and quickly inspect them on screen. If you are happy with the data you can press a button to upload your data to the SALSA online archive. If you have any questions, please consult the user's manual before asking support.